First Contact Engineering

Fast, Efficient Engineering

"To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk." - Thomas Edison

First Contact Engineering is a small group of engineers who are experts at developing high volume consumer and industrial wireless products. Just walk through any "big box" electronics store and you will see products we have developed. We are large enough to offer a full range of capabilities and small enough to be efficient and responsive.

When you work with us you are in direct contact with one of our senior engineers, providing real time engineering support while you define your product requirements, develop prototypes and put your product into production.

All design work is done in the United States so your intellectual property is protected and confidential.

First Contact Engineering was founded by veterans of Diablo Research and Cadence Design Systems, two of the leading design services companies in North America.

As a result of experience with many products and companies, the First Contact Engineering team is expert at rapid prototyping and wireless product development.

Example Products

  • Bluetooth iPOD accessory for streaming audio, currently in retail outlets
  • Wireless mouse and keypad at 2.4 GHz and 47 MHz, currently in retail outlets
  • Wireless audio distribution system for fitness clubs, currently in beta trials
  • Antenna design for wireless weather station, currently in retail outlets
  • 802.11/Zigbee module design for fleet tracking application
  • Zigbee wireless lighting controller



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