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RF Engineering - Embedded Systems - Mechanical Design

All of the skills and facilities for RF and wireless product design are in-house. Three labs with RF test equipment, modeling tools, machine shop and prototyping facilities. We can take a product from concept to production.

Our software engineering team are deeply experienced in embedded systems software development, with a focus on the development of custom software for wireless systems. We specialize in the prototyping and rapid development of highly-optimized software/firmware, allowing the use of lower-cost hardware while gaining the flexibility and maintainability.

Sample Projects

Here is a list of some of the products we have worked on:

  • 802.11b access point
  • Wireless mouse and keyboard
  • Bluetooth streaming audio product
  • Wireless audio OEM modules using FM stereo broadcast at 900 MHz. Used with surround sound speakers, wireless headphones and MP3 players.
  • Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) for public safety
  • Wireless weather station
  • GPS/cellular wristwatch for tracking children
  • 802.11b network adapter
    Fixed wireless system for broadband internet access
  • Point-to-point gigabit data rate radio link
  • Data radio integrated with GPS for operation over cellular networks
  • Satellite modems for high speed data communications over VSAT networks



How We Work

Each project is different, but a typical project starts with an initial meeting with a client where we discuss the project objectives, usually in terms of a product and the product requirements.

The next step is for First Contact or the client to generate a list of requirements for the product.

Based on the requirements, we will generate a proposal, including a statement of work (SOW) estimating the schedule and costs for developing the product.

Depending on the product complexity and the project objectives, the project may include a single phase or multiple phases including:

  • Architectural development
  • Prototypes, proof-of-concept
  • Alpha units - final form factor
  • Beta units - for field trial and compliance testing
  • Pre-production units
  • Production


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